Testolone (Rad-140)


* 99% pure sarms
* Rapid buildup of muscular tissues
* Loss of fat tissue
* Anti-catabolic effects
* Anti-aging benefits
These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments.


What is it?

Testolone (RAD-140) is designed to make hormonal receptors in the tissues act as though they are getting a strong dose of testosterone.  This gives the same effect as if running a cycle of anabolics and/or prohormones without the negative side effects that correlate with use.


Along with the effects of testosterone discussed above, Testolone (RAD-140) also carries other significant benefits.  Enhanced speed, stamina and endurance when doing high intensity is a key benefit shown in research tests with RAD implementation.  Another huge benefit shown with RAD research is a rapid buildup of muscular tissues.  Studies have also shown that RAD contains a greater anabolic effect than testosterone when used.


Side Effects:

There have not been any side effects found to date. This is also a breakthrough considering that
regular testosterone causes drastic suppression where RAD has not shown these kinds of issue,
nor has it shown any estrogen conversion or any typical testosterone, anabolic and androgenic
side effects.


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